The Tarkine Drive

A fantastic way to fill in a day or two!  The whole drive is now sealed bitumen.  There are a range of short and longer walks and look outs throughout the drive and directional and interpretive signs to keep you on track and informed.

Dive south of Stanley and take the "Eastern loop" taking in Trowutta Arch, Dempster Plains and the magnificent Julius River Reserve.  Or take the "Western loop" - drive West of Stanley and meet the wild Tarkine coast at Arthur River, where you can encounter ancient aboriginal heritage before heading East to Julius River and the Sumac lookout.  

It depends on how much you stop along the way and how many of the walks you do, but either of these loops will take about 5 to 7 hours.  There are no shops or cafe's along the way - so pack a picnic and head out for a leisurely day.

Download the Tarkine Drive Map here